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Custom Built in the USA.

By Customer request Starling Proudly introduces our Lighting kit for the TOS Battlestar Galactica Viper.

  Launch your Colonial Viper into battle with our
E/FX™ TOS Viper Life Force kit for the 1/32 Moebius or Monogram viper
This effect is the perfect compliment to our TOS Cylon Raider Life force kit.

  This complete kit features cockpit lighting, and the engine exhaust
light effect and sounds as it lauches from the deck of the Galactica or Pegasus
Kit also features the continuous engine running sound effect, as well
firing the guns by pushing the button. Kit also includes a Blown panel
shorting light effect for those that want damage to there ship.

   You can leave your viper in animation mode with sounds running,
or place it in display mode with sounds off. Pressing the button
in display mode will relaunch your viper.

Electronic instructions with plenty of photos is provided.

Updated Video 3-15-2016

Video of Steve's Carricato's Build.

Package Contents:

  • 1x Fully assembled TOS Viper Life Force board.
  • 1x 3AAA battery holder with wired switch.
  • Sound board contains a 1/8" sound out jack that you may attach to a set of amplified speakers.
  • 10x Pre-wired LEDs.
  • 1x wired activation button/reed switch.
  • 4x 2pin JST connectors.
  • Optional 4.5v wall adapter with harness can be purchased separately.
  • 1 PDF manual emailed after purchase.


  • Some soldering required.
  • 22awg - 28awg wire.
  • Normal modeling tools.
  • Favorite glue.

Recommended additions:


Built Heavy Duty with top quality components for longevity,
our boards will last for generations.

Powered by 3xAAA 4.5v battery power.

Main Tos Viper Life Force Light and Sound Kit.

Optional 4.5v wall adapter with harness.

Makes your model less portable but provides continuous power
without the need for batteries.

110v 4.5v Wall adapter

Optional RC activation Unit.

Activate your effect from anywhere inside your home.


Model not included with kit.

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