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Klingon battle cruiser kit

Designed and built in the USA

        Bringing your Star Ship the most Life like effects available ANYWHERE.

   New Options available for those using the Stephen Burns 3D printed Warp Nacelle Grills and Torpedo Tubes :)

Here at Starling we're excited to introduce to you our Next generation of E/FX™ boards,
Legion Force, which is compatible with our new Stereo Soundboards.

    Introducing our all new E/FX™ Plug-n-play light and sound kit for the Polar lights 1/350 POL950M/06 K'T'inga.
   I am so excited about this release, our light and Stereo sound effects for the
infamous Battle Cruiser mimics the beginning scene in
“Star Trek the Motion picture” with awesome lights and sounds!!

   This massive kit features lighting with background audio and the Klingon
captain giving the commands to attack V'ger for this intense scene found
in the movie.

Board features circuits for startup sequence of all steady light, nav,
impulse engines, and warp nacelles. Blinking Nav circuit is accurately
timed to the movie.
Forward and Aft Torpedoes are accurately timed to the movie.
Kit contains 32 LEDs in all, controlled by 2x buttons.

Two modes of operation are provided:
  • Interactive mode
  • Shut-Off mode

  • Button 1 fires forward torpedo and starts demo mode with music.
  • Button 2 fires aft torpedo, and switches to Shut-off mode.
    During shut-off mode, either button will restart up the system.

   Designed for ease of use and built with top quality components to last for

   All connections made via 2-pin, 5-pin, and 8-pin header block using JST

   Powered by 9volt power supply either by battery or by a DC wall power
supply adapter. This setup makes your model very portable.
You may use 1 or 2x 9v batteries, 2 are not required but offer longer run time
especially when using the Radio control option.

Optional Radio Control activation available.
Optional 9v wall adapter available.
Optional nacelle light harness and diffusers for
   if you are using the Stephen Burns 3D printed Grills.
Option for lighting the Stephen Burns torpedo Tubes.

Lower cost NON-Plug-N-Play kit also available.

Included in kit:
  • 1x Fully assembled Legion light board.
  • 1x Stereo sound board with 2 speakers and harness.
  • 32x LEDs Prewired to 9 separate harnesses.
  • 1x Power harness with DC jack and 2x 9v battery connections.
  • 3x Short pieces of plastic tubing.
  • 1x PDF Detailed manual emailed. Features 54 pages filled with
    High quality images that you can zoom into including detailed
    information for nacelle mods for the Burns 3D Grills
    Don't worry about the size of the manual, it's mostly large photos ;)
  • Optional 9v wall addapter.
  • Optional RC controller.
  • Optional Lighting harness for Burns Grills
  • Option to choose if using Burns Torpedo Tubes.

  • NON-PNP kit will have all required connectors and pre-wired LEDs in kit.

  • Drill bits, files, xacto knife and other modeling tools
  • Hot-glue
  • 5min clear epoxy
  • Favorite model glue

HD Video
Camera makes lighting look brighter and off color than how it actually looks.
This video has been updated to demonstrate Stephen Burns torpedo tubes and nacelle grills and other alterations to the kit
from our original release.

Videos by Chuck Brooks of Gearhead Workshop
We'll be adding more videos as Chuck's build progresses,
so be sure to check in regularly.


Choose your kit version below.
Stephen Burns nacelle Grills and Torpedo tubes are not included in our lighting kits. Links on this page will guide you to his page.

The Plug-N-Play kit makes for a faster build with no soldering or electronics skills required. After reading Pin assignment for connections in the manual, you may completely test this kit right out of the box after installing a battery.

The Non-Plug-N-Play kit provides the advance builder with lower cost and customization by either using the provided pre-wired LEDs, or he can add his own as well. The special forward torpedo as well as the pre-wired power harness are provided. Requires soldering iron, solder, 26awg wire. DO NOT USE LED TAPE.

If you are going to use the Stephen Burns 3D printed Torpedo Tubes, be sure to check that option when ordering the main kit, default is NO. You can find a link to order the Stephen Burns torpedo Tubes in a lower section of this page.

WARNING : The Legion board has both 5v and 9v connections. Failure to read the manual for proper light and sound connections could destroy certain LEDs.
Plugging the sound board into a 9v connection will destroy it requiring the purchase of a new sound board.

K'T'INGA Light and Sound Kit
Using with Burns 3D printed Torpedo Tubes

Optional Lighting for Burns Warp Nacelle Grills.
Please do not order this option unless you have our main kit.
Features 2 lighting P-N-P harnesses and diffusers to be used with Stephen Burns 3D printed Nacelle grills.
The links below will take you to Stephen's order pages.
Short Nacelle Grill version:
3D Grills-Short.

Full Length Nacelle Grill version. This version is what you see below.
3D Grills-Full Length.

Our main kit manual has install instructions, but you need advanced modeler skills to install them.

Optional 9v wall adapter.
This was left as an option so that those of you with a drawer full of power supplies wont have to purchase another one.
This option is recommended for those that want longer run time than batteries can provide, especially when using the RC option.

Optional Radio control (RC)
option below can be added to provide 2 button activation control to take the place of the onboard activation buttons. "A" controls button one, "B" controls button 2. Adding the lighting kits pushbuttons is always recommended.

When ordering this option, your Legion board will have a wiring harness marked "RC". Please order this option at the same time when ordering your light and sound kit. It can not be installed by the model builder.

Stephen Burns 3D Printed Torpedo Tubes Link
If you are looking for the Forward and Aft tubes, here is the link: Burns torpedo Tubes.
Make sure when ordering the main light kit that you mark YES for Burns Torpedoes.

Replacement Harnesses
   If you damage one of your harnesses from the main kit, replacements are available below.
Do not order any of the harnesses if you do not own the main kit, as they will not work in
other setups and the purchase will be refunded.

Replacement Harnesses Set1

Replacement Harnesses Set2

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