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By Customer request Starling Proudly introduces our Lighting kit for the Battlestar Galactica Viper.

Launch your MKVII Viper into the heat of battle with our E/FX™ Venom Plug-N-Play Lighting kit for the 1/32 Moebius MKVII viper. With engines Flaming and Guns blasting, this effect is the perfect compliment to our Cylon Raider Plug-N-Play Lighting kit.

This complete kit features the engine exhaust effect, "Guns A' Blazing" firing effect, and LEDs for lighting up the instrument panels buttons, etc, in the cockpit. A total of 10 LEDs are in this kit.

No soldering required, plug in a 9v battery and turn on the switch, thats all there is to it..Easy to follow instructions with plenty of photos.

Micro Circuit Board measures 1" x 1" square.

9v battery installs inside of ship.

Here's an idea for those of you who would like to do a diaroma, the kit can be used in a different manner, setting up a viper in a maintenance bay. One mechanic could be setup using the gun fiber optic to weld on the viper, while another mechanic performs engine testing.
One could scratch build an engine craddle and test station box, which could be used to store 9v battery. Engines with umbilical cord (engine wiring)can be lit outside of ship to simulate testing. Wires(umbilical cord) going into ship can be painted black.   


NOTE: Engine flicker effect could not be captured correctly in video .

My Personal Viper.

NOTE: model not included with light kit.

Package Contents:

1 x Fully assembled Venom circuit with LEDs and wired with switch.
1 x 9v battery holder.
1 x Fiber Optics.
1 detailed PDF manual emailed after purchase.


Normal modeling tools and paints.
Xacto knife.
Drill bits.
Polystyrene glue, clear epoxy or favorite glue, hot glue.
Clear plastic sheet.
Tape to help hold down wires or parts.

Venom Plug-N-Play

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