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War of the Worlds effect.

Custom Built in the USA.

  Starling proudly introduces our latest E/FX™ Life Force Light kit for the Pegasus 1/48 or 1/35 scale "War of the Worlds" Martian War Machine.

  This amazing effect is sure to send chills down your spine as it takes you from the rise of the menacing machines, to the attack, and finally to the machines final demise.

  Effect features all green lights fade on, fading red eye, red heat ray, green heat rays, along with hovering, scanning, firing, and shutdown sounds.

  A sound switch is also provided to turn off the sound while lighting effects continue.

Built with top quality components for longevity.
  Powered by 4.5v battery holder.

Our detailed instructions will show you how to eliminate the forward LED hot spots..


Here is my completed War Machine, finished 5-29-2017.

Video of my build in progress. Demonstrates all aspects of the kit
including an extra light to burn up a tank or building :)

Video of Greville Wilson's finished build.

Tony Quinn's Build.

Geof-Lucier's Diorama.

Package Contents:

1x Fully assembled WOTW war machine Life Force circuit with LEDs, sound board, and 3AAA battery holder with wired switch.
Sound board contains a 1/8" sound out jack that you may attach to a set of amplified speakers.
Sound Board also has an On/Off switch to turn off sound.

1 x 4.5v 3aaa battery holder (Batteries not included) with switch.
1x Modified LED for eye/heat ray. Mag wire is soldered to this LED for your convenience. No resistor required.

10x 5mm Green LEDs with 100ohm resistors. You may not require the use of all the LEDs but they are there if you need them.

2x 1.8mm white LED for Green heat Rays.
1x wired Push button.
1x Extra magnet wire.
8x 2pin JST wire connectors for easy connections.
1 x Heat Shrink.
1 PDF manual emailed after purchase.


Some soldering required.
Normal modeling tools and paints.
Xacto knife.
Drill bits.
Wire. (22awg to 26awg)
Clear epoxy, model glue of choice
Tape or hot glue to help hold down wires.

How it works

   When power is applied, there is a pause of silence, then the sounds of the war machine awakening begins followed by all green lighting fading on. As the eye begins to fade on/off, the hover/scanner sounds begin. This state will continuously loop until the button is held. Release button when red fading eye pulses faster. This builds up to emit the red heat ray, releasing the red heat ray and finally releasing the green heat rays.
  This action is repeated twice, then the machine begins to shutdown with erratic lights pulsing eventually all green lights fade off. After about 10sec, the process begins again and stays in a hovering state until once again the button is held and released. Sound may be turned off with switch.

WOTW War Machine Life Force Kit

Optional 4.5v wall power with harness.
Instead of battery power for continuous running.
International users will require a plug adapter for their country.
110v 4.5v Wall power

My Completed Model 5-2017.
Our instructions will show you how to eliminate the
forward LED hot spots

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