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   Starling Brings even more Life Like Effects to your
Models with our next line of amazing, High Quality
Stereo Sound boards.(Optional)

   Starling proudly introduces our E/FX™ YT-1300 Life Force Light and sound kit for the Ertl and FineMolds Star Wars Millennium Falcon.

    Introducing our exciting new E/FX™ kit, the YT-1300 Freighter Life Force light and Sound kit. Bring your Millennium Falcon to Life with independent control of dual quad turrets firing just like in the movies.

   Launch your ship with awesome engine light and sound effects, and fail to go to light speed, truly awesome. Amazing engine sounds play continuously until you place it into demo mode.
   Kit also features independent circuits for controlling exterior and interior lighting as well as blinking effects for control panels and cockpit.

   This is a massive kit for a massive ship. Our Mock-up is an 18" Ertl 1996 #8917 Return of the Jedi Millennium Falcon. This should work perfectly for the 1/72 scale Fine Molds and similar. Can be used with larger ships using larger LEDs and longer strips of LED tape.

   Two styles of this kit are available. One has all the bells and whistles of the "Episode V" YT-1330, or a minimal lighting kit for the "Episode IV" that has engine effects, guns, and cockpit lighting.

Also available with our NEW Stereo board with 2x speakers or our basic sound board with 1x speaker.

  Built Heavy Duty with top quality components for longevity,
our boards will last for generations.

Runs on 9v wall adapter.

Electronic instructions with plenty of photos are provided.

Package Contents:

Available in 2 Styles, your kit may not contain everything listed here.

  • 1x Fully assembled YT-1300 Life Force circuit board
  • Basic Sound board contains a 1/8"; sound out jack that you may attach to a set of amplified speakers.
  • 1x Power harness : DC jack, jst male/female, power button.
  • Small harnesses for interior and exterior lighting.
  • white and blue pre-wired LED tape.
  • Cannon Turret LEDs.
  • 3mm & 5mm Interior and Exterior LEDs with resistors.
  • Orange lighting for landing Gears and exhausts.
  • .25mm Fiber optics(For cockpit)
  • .75mm Fiber optics(For some exterior lighting)
  • 4mm heatshrink.
  • 3x push-buttons.
  • Many jst connectors
  • 1 PDF manual emailed after purchase.
Too many items to list separately :)


  • Soldering required.
  • Solder and soldering iron.
  • Normal modeling tools and paints, drill bits, files and such.
  • Clear epoxy, model glue of choice, hot-glue
  • Optional heat-shrink 1/16in and 3/32in
  • Wire (Recommended 22awg to 26awg)
  • Plastruct sheet .020" or .030" white.

HD Video of Ertl 18" Falcon Mock up in ACTION!! 8-21-17

How to flare your .75mm Fiber Optics.

Kit for "Episode V". Model not Included

We Have a small supply of these kits at this time,
so there may be a 3 day delay period before shipping.

YT-1300 Life Force™ light and sound kit.
Episode IV style "A New Hope". No extra external lighting
in this kit other than guns and engines.
Sound System Type

YT-1300 Life Force™ light and sound kit.
Episode V style "The Empire Strikes Back". Provides all lighting
including exterior lights as seen in the episode and our video.
Sound System Type

RC activation option
Activate your Falcon by radio control. Takes the place of your 3 push buttons,
but we recommend you also install the push-buttons.
This option must be added to kit before shipping. Can not be added later by client.


Photos of our Mocked up ship. Larger counter-sunk
white lighing is not shown, but is included with episode V kit.

Millennium Falcon

Millennium Falcon

Millennium Falcon

Millennium Falcon

Millennium Falcon

Millennium Falcon

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