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War of the Worlds effect.

Custom Built in the USA.

  Starling proudly introduces our latest E/FX™ Life Force Light and Sound kit for the Pegasus model# 9005 "War of the Worlds" Alien Tripod. The only one available anywhere.
This is just one awesome animation effect I am very excited to release.

  This amazing effect takes you from the rise of the menacing machines,
to the attack, and lastly to the machines final demise.

Features our "No show " switch or pushbutton design.
Built with top quality components for longevity.
  Powered by 4.5v battery holder or optional wall adapter.

Our detailed instructions take you through the entire build with many photos.

  Effect features 2 modes, Animation and Display.
Animation mode lasts almost 3 minutes.

  As for what the effects do, we'll let the video below speak for itself:)

Demonstrates all aspects of the kit.
The model is almost compete. All that is left is to seal it, add the washes,
and permanently attach the electronics.
It has been a very pleasant build.

Here is my completed model, you can visit our gallery for more photos. Gallery

Package Contents:

1x Fully assembled 2005 WOTW Alien Tripod Life Force circuit with LEDs.

1x High Quality Sound board. Sound board contains a 1/8" sound out jack that you may
attach to a set of amplified speakers, but the sound coming from the included
small speaker sounds amazing.

1 x 4.5v 3aaa battery holder (Batteries not included) with reed switch.

All required LEDs and resistors.

Magnets for reed switches.

5x 2pin JST wire connectors for easy connections.


AND MORE!! over 40 pieces.

1 PDF Detailed manual emailed after purchase.


32awg Magnet wire 2 different colors. Can be found on Ebay.
Some soldering required.
Normal modeling tools and paints.
Xacto knife.
Drill bits.
Acrylic clear blue paint.
320grit to 220grit sand paper.
Plastruct sheet .020".
Clear epoxy, model glue of choice
Tape or hot glue to help hold down wires.

Shipping is included.

Shipped USA 110.00
Shipped International 127.00

  Optional 110v 4.5v wall adapter if you don't want to use batteries.
Specifically for the 2005 WOTHW Tripod, harness comes pre-wired with
on/off reed switch and DC female connector.

Please do not order if your Country does not support 110v.
USA $20.00

Will be online for sale once we return.
Note: Model not included.

Photos of Unfinished model.
Photos and video will be updated once completed.

War of the Worlds effect.
War of the Worlds effect.
War of the Worlds effect.

The base is almost complete, lacking only the matte clear coat finish.

War of the Worlds effect.
War of the Worlds effect.
War of the Worlds effect.
War of the Worlds effect.

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