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Please see our Newer Premium kit before deciding on Eco B9 kit.
It uses all LEDs, you can find it here :B9 2.0

Economical Kit available for the LARGE Moebius 1/6 scale model.
This older kit mostly uses Fiber optics.

RC voice activation option now available. This option must be added to kit before shipping. Can not be added later by client.

We are proud to introduce to you our Plug-N-Play Life Force kit for one of the most anticipated SyFi models of the decade, the Moebius 1/6 scale LoSt in SpaCE Robot.

Runs on 9volt battery (Not included)
Moebius 1/6 scale model not included.

Package Contents:

Speaks 17 phrases.
1 x Fully assemble B9 Robot Life Force™ Kit
1 x sound board with speaker. This sound board also has a 1/8" audio out jack for amplified external speakers.
4x 5mm 1x3mm and 1x3mm with glow rod Pre-wired LED harness and a set of pigtails for extra LEDs.
1x Large Voice tube.
.5mm and .75mm Fiber Optics.(For use in bubble finger lighting and 12 blinking chest buttons.)
Plastic tubing.
1 PDF manual. Will be emailed after sale.

May require extra wiring (22awg-26awg) and more Fiber Optics depending on how elaborate your build is.

Completed 1/6 B9 client's build. PERFECT!!


Economical 1/6 B9 kit
Voice light color

110v 6-9V DC wall wart option with DC jack harness:
The default kit comes with 9v battery connector and harness. Installation of the Wall wart and Harness option is demonstrated in the manual.
Choose this option if you don't mind B9 being plugged into the wall :)
RC version: This option must be added to kit before shipping. Can not be added later by client.

VLS option: For advanced users only. Works with WinXP, Windows Vista, Win7 (Does not work with Win8 or 8.1)

  This option must be added to kit before shipping. Can not be added later by client.
Our new VLS option allows the user to add several minutes of their own sound file phrases to be played insync with the voice tube. User must have experience in sound file editing/filtering as well as being able to use provided software on a computer. Instructions for using the software and adding sound files via usb connection is provided. Please do not order this option if you do not know how to edit, extract, or transfer sound files to your computer, instructions for those processes are not provided.


Amazing Build.



Hey there
Just wanted to say thanks for an amazing product. I just finished my Moebius B9
model build with your Lifeforce kit, and it is amazing.
Your online directions were great, and the product performs very well!
Scott Withers
Canton, MI

I want to thank you for creating the B9 Robot Life Force™ LED and Sound Effect Kit.
I could not be happier with the product. 5 out of 5!
The Effect Kit works perfectly and elevates my build of the Robot 1/12 scale kit,
now produced by Polar Lights, to a prized possession.
I've also purchased your Robby the Robot Life Force Plug-N-Play LED and Sound Effect Kit
and anticipate buying other effect kits in the future.
Thanks again,
Mark Schenewerk, KS

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