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Bridge sound board.


Same awesome sounds from our starship command Bridge Light and Sound kit.

   We are excited to release our sound board for the iconic
Starship NCC-1701 from Star Trek the Original Series.

  Whether you are building a model of the Starship itself
or the Command Bridge, you'll be sure to add that final touch
that makes your model complete.

Sound board provides bridge operation sounds for:
Button 1: A Peaceful Tour.
Button 2: Enemy engagement that include bridge sounds,
     engine maneuvering sounds, battle sounds, red alert, and more!
Button 3: Red Alert.

Mount inside your ship or base.

Note : This is a sound board only.

Runs on 4.5volts Powered by 3x AAA batteries or connect it to one of our
Gen/3 Liberator weapons board Aux connection with included

To hear an example sound, watch the video on this page

Package Contents:

No soldering required with the exception of adding this
to our Gen3 liberator aux sound board connector.

1 x Starship/Command Bridge sound board with speaker, with push buttons
    and power on/off switch. Sound board also has a 1/8" output jack
    to connect external amplified speakers.
1x Instruction manual.

Command Bridge Sound Board

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