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The Invaders UFP engine Sound.

For all scales of The Invaders UFO.

  We are excited to release our latest sound board for the iconic flying saucer from the series "The Invaders".
If you are a fan of this ship, you are going to love this soundboard :)

   Our sound boards continuousl loop plays the errie engine sounds that will add the final touch to your Saucer.

Mount inside your ship or base.

Default Plug-N-Play Board runs on 4.5v 3x AAA batteries with on/off switch.

For advanced Model builders, if you have a 9v lighting kit in your ship, you can
add one of our Step-Down voltage regulators located here index1.php?id=vr
to the sound board. Choose the 2.5amp version.
This will allow you to cut the 9v down to 4.5v required by the soundboard.
NOTE: Soundboard must run on 4.5v NOT 9v.

Measures Approximately 2 " x 2" with battery pack. 1/4watt Speaker measures
1 1/2" diameter.

Package Contents: No soldering required.

  • 1 x Invaders engine sound board with 3x AAA battery holder & on/off slide switch.
  • 1x Downloadable manual.

The Invaders UFO Engine Sound Board

If the Item is out, you may email a request TO:

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