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Enterprise E lights and sounds.   Enterprise E New 2017!!This exciting new ALL lighting kit provides an Enhanced cinematic 3 Phaser Array Light and sound effect featuring a pulsing phaser as well as cinematic Bussard Plasma effect, creating some of the most Life like effects for the Sovereign Class Star Ship. We've also added Awesome torpedo light and sound effects as well as warp engines light and sound effect, and screen accurate navigational strobes, Interior lighting, impulse engine, Deflector, and front spot lighting are also available.
Separate modules are available if you do not need an entire kit.

Photon Torpedo
  New!!Our Gen/2 Photon torpedo weapon kit offers the most cost effective Torpedo effect which also includes the Precision Movie Accurate Navigationl Running/Strobe Lights circuit for the NCC-1701-E. Kits include sound in all interactive modes via a single push button.
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