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LED Photon Torpedo / Phaser
    board.   New!! The Gen/3 Liberator, our advanced weapons system.
   Not only do All boards incorporate dual photon torpedo effects, but they also incorporate 2 Phaser banks via Red Lasers.
The Model# S-G3L-1 LED board provides user interactive effects designed to mimic the Photon Torpedoes and Phasers fired from various star ships as seen in the movies to add life like visual effects as well as audio effects. Designed for models offered by various manufactures.
Board also provides Movie Accurate and
Unmatched Precision Pre-Timed Navigational Running/Strobe lighting, and more.
Select USS Reliant from the list.
This kit provides dual forward firing torpedoes only, no aft torpedoes.

Photon Torpedo
  New!!Our Gen/2 Photon torpedo weapon kit offers the most cost effective Torpedo effect which also includes the Precision Movie Accurate Navigationl Running/Strobe Lights circuit for the USS Reliant. Kit provides forward and aft torpedoes and include sound in all interactive modes via a single push button.
Choose from the list.

Model S-PT-SE LED Photon Torpedo
    board.  Navigation and Strobe board. The Model# S-N-S1  LED board provides Dual Precision Movie accurate Pre-timed Navigation and Strobe lights for various Federation starships including the USS Reliant.
Board measures approximately 1 3/8" x 1 3/4"
If you do not want to mess around with adjusting your flash rates manually, this is the board for you.
Choose from the list.

Model s-101-a LED Strobe Flasher board. The Model # S-101-A  Strobe Flasher board was designed for many of the Star Trek class of Plastic models. Can be used in other types of models or projects.
Provides strobes only.

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