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Jeffrey Gaskin.




Designed and built in the USA.

  Starling Proudly introduces our Plug-N-Play Ultimate Robby the Robot 2.0 Life Force LED and Sound Effect kit for 16" Masudaya Robot.
We go E/FX™ all the way with this Premium or Ultra Premium kit.
This complete Plug-N-Play kit features Robby’s blue voice box synchronized to
14 or 21 phrases provided by a high quality sound card.
  Movie accurate blinking lights are included for Blue "Weapons Neutralizers"
as well as for high speed effect of Analyzer Disk "Alpha" and slow speed effect
"Beta" on Robby’s chest panel, 6 lights for Robby’s Head valves
and center head Gyro. ALL LEDS NO FIBER OPTICS :)

  Just plug in some connectors, 3x AA(4.5v) batteries, and press the on/off
switch, no soldering required.

  Kit also features our "No show" power button and activation design.
With each swipe of the magnet, Robby’s 6 head valves illuminate with the clicking
sounds before Robby speaks 1 of 14 phrases with single sound board Premium
setups, and 21 phrases with dual soundboard Ultra setups.

There is an extra connection on board if you want to add extra blinky or steady
lights to build the Poster version of Robby.

This is as simple as a Lighting kit can be.

Premium and Ultra kits available:

Premium version features the original 14 phrases and voice light synchronization
as in our 1/12 scale Polar lights kit with a single sound board. This system can
be slightly out of sync at times, but no very noticeable.

Ultra version features original 14 phrases plus 7 additional phrases perfectly
synchronized to the voice lighting using 2 sound boards.

For poster version of Robby:
Email us for custom options such as fast blinking effect for the 4 sax(cylinders)
in Robby's head. We have a small board with prewired LEDs.

We also have a light option to mimic the 4 flipping switches on Robby's chest.
They are timed exactly to the movie.

Robby in video and Photos are not included in effect kit, they are for demonstration only.


Video of our completed 1983 Masudaya 16" Robby built
and painted by Stan Koziol of Starling Technologies :)

Total of 18 LEDs.
Premium single sound board version kit shown.

Package Contents:

1 x Fully assemble Robby the Robot Life Force Kit
1 or 2 sound boards with speakers.
1x 3xAA battery holder with on/off button.
1x Pre-wired activation reed switch and magnet.
All pre-wired LEDs required.
1x Voice tube.
1x glow rod for Alpha dial
1x white plastic sheet.
1 Detailed PDF manual covers the whole install process
  with many photos.Will be emailed after sale.


Hot glue and glue gun.
Optional clear blue acrylic.
Optional .015" clear plastruct polystyrene(or any clear plastic)
Normal modeling tools, drill, assortment of drill bits, x-acto knive.
Angled tweezers.

Will be online for sale once we return.

Ultimate Robby Robot 2.0 Life Force Kit 16"
Premium $120.00 USD
Ultra Premium $140.00 USD

RC option: This option must be added to kit before shipping. Can not be added later by client.

Israel’s Custom Build Up Service for 12", 16" and 24" Robby the Robots.
Be sure to see the Robby builds in the Gallery.
Contact Israel Rosario for more information at:
Visit his build service page HERE.

Photos of Robby painted & built by Stan Koziol of Starling Technologies.
Masuday Robby not included in kit.







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