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Tie fighter

Starling proudly introduces our latest E/FX™ Life Force Light and sound kit for the Star Wars Imperial Tie Fighter.

   Starling Technologies latest E/FX™ Life force™ kit brings the Iconic
Imperial Tie-fighter to Life with effects including eerie glowing red cockpit,
red ion engines with sounds, and green blasters with sounds.
  Kit is universal for the various scaled models.
4 engine LEDs are included so that you may build the normal 2
engine fighter or Darth Vader's 4 engine fighter.

   Can be displayed with cockpit lights on and engines flickering,
or can be displayed with engines running continuously with engine sounds.
Activation button fires blasters and is used to place in display mode.

  Built Heavy Duty with top quality components for longevity,
our boards will last for generations.

Available in 4.5v kit using battery holder.

Electronic instructions with plenty of photos are provided.

Package Contents:

Available in 4.5v or 9v board versions.

  • 1x Fully assembled Tie-fighter Life Force circuit board
    Sound board contains a 1/8 sound out jack that you may attach
    to a set of amplified speakers.
  • 1x 3AAA battery holder with wired switch.
  • All required LEDs with resistors.
  • 4x 2pin jst connectors.
  • 2x Prewired Push buttons for activation and power.
  • 26awg wire
  • Fiber optics provided for smaller scale ships.
  • 1 PDF manual emailed after purchase.


  • Some soldering required.
  • Normal modeling tools and paints.
  • Clear epoxy or jb-weld epoxy, model glue of choice
  • Favorite glue.
  • Custom base for smaller ships.

Steve Carricato's Video added 11-25-17
Follow his build here : Tie Fighter Build up.

Kenner Toy added 6-28-17

Tie fighter light and sound kit
RC activation option
Activate your Tie fighter by radio control. Takes the place of your push button.
This option must be added to kit before shipping. Can not be added later by client.


Model not included with kit.

Tie fighter
Tie fighter
Tie fighter

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