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War of the Worlds effect.

  Starling proudly introduces our latest E/FX™ sound board (NO LIGHTING) for any scale "War of the Worlds" Martian War Machine.

  These amazing sound effects are sure to send chills down your spine as it takes you from the rise of the menacing machines, to the attack, and finally to the machines final demise.

  Sound board contains all the sounds available in our popular WOTW light
and sound kit available HERE.

4 buttons allow you to activate the individual sounds:
Button 1 continuously plays the hovering sound.
Button 2 plays the firing of the red ray and stops when completed.
Button 3 plays the firing of the green rays and stops when completed.
Button 4 plays the war machine shutdown sequence.

  If you don't need our light and sound kit but would love to have the sounds
for your model, this soundboard is for you, just find a space under the
models base to conceal it :)

You can hear a demo of the sounds in the video below.

  Powered by 3x AAA 4.5v battery holder.


Here is my completed War Machine, finished 5-29-2017.

Package Contents:

1x Fully assembled WOTW war machine sound board, and 3AAA battery holder wired on/off switch
  with 4x activation push buttons.
Sound board contains a 1/8" sound out jack that you may attach to a set of amplified speakers.
No manual is provided, just add batteries, turn on the switch and activate the individual sounds.

WOTW War Machine Sound Board

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