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Steve Carricato's Services

Check out Steve Carricato's new Website and Store :)
Here, you will find all his resin models and more.
Be sure to checkout Steve's contact info for custom builds
as he does Scifi builds and more.

Latest video 4-20-20
Apache AH64 D Longbow build

  Steve Carricato of Spacecraft creation Models SCMs
offers Professional model build services as well as
a selection of resin models for sale.
So if you would like a professionally built model,
you can contact Steve for more information:
Steve does an amazing Job :)

Here are some resin models that Steve offers, click on the images:

Dark Star 1:144 scale resin model.

 Model is  6.5"X2 3/4" , contains 5 pieces, decals, and one vacuum
formed Observation dome.

$39.95 + $12.95 shipping.

Steve Carricato's Star fighters are back in stock :)
Visit the ebay links below or contact steve at

Ebay link 1     Ebay link 2

1/1000 USS Larson Resin model from Steve Carricato.
as well as a 1/35 scale Resin Colonial Viper concept fighter.
added 11-17-16

1/350 scale SS Botany Bay Resin Model
built by Steve Carricato and availble at
Spacecraft Creation Models 2/18/2017.

Here are many of Steve's Beautiful commission builds,click on the image.
You can see more of his builds in the Gallery

Steve Carricato's 1/350 Klingon Bird of Prey

Steve Carricato has another commission build
the Polar Lights 1/350 NX-01
Updated 2/11/2014.

Steve Carricato's Commission build of the Moebius 1/6 scale B9
Added 10/18/2014.

Video added 2-11-18

Steve Carricato's Commission build of the Polar Lights 1/350
TOS NCC-1701 Enterprise. Lots of nice photos for your enjoyment.
Added 9/8/2014.

Steve Carricato's Commission build of the 1/144 scale C-57D
Added 11/9/2014.

Steve Carricato's Detailed X-Wing Red-3
Added 3-12-2015.

Steve Carricato's Detailed X-Wing Red-3
Added 3-12-2015.

Revell X-Wing from the Force Awakening Star Wars Movie

By Steve Carricato
Added 9-23-2015

Steve Carricato's Narcissus E1 Shuttlecraft Resin model
from the Movie "Alien".
Unfinished resin model is $90. +SH 14.95
Added 11-24-2015

Steve Carricato's 2nd TOS Raider is complete.
Features our Life Force kit with Cockpit and Centurion kit.
Absolutely Beautiful :)
Added 10-30-16

Steve Carricato's 1/32 TOS Viper
Completed: Video Update
Added 3-15-2016

Updated 5-18-16
Spacecraft Creation models Steven carricato has released his
1:35 Buck Rogers Starfighter resin model kits.
See Steve's completed Starfighter

Steve Carricato's table in Denver at StarFest
From Apr.21 - 23 2017
Posted 4/24/2017.

Steve Carricato's 1/2 Studio Scale BSG
We have more photos of detailing added to the ship.
Photo Updates 7-05-2017

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