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We Provide Unmatched Precision Movie Accurate Effects,
Focusing on the Fine details.

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Be sure to visit our Gallery for model builds and W.I.P.s.

International, including Canada, orders normally take 2 to 4 Weeks.
Import duties and taxes may apply.

Please contact us if you would like to make a purchase by Money Order and we will get you setup.

Just Released!!

Dan Johnson's Lost in Space 1st season Laser Rifle.
Features laser light and sounds, see it in action :)

Another Awesome Commission Build by UK
Model Builder Danny Attree.
The 1/350 NCC-1701 Refit.
Check out the laser effects :)
Added 5-14-20

New Products

Release of our Newest soundboard.
The steam horn for the RMS Titanic :)
Added 6-03-20

Added 4-13-20
Introducing the release of our Awesome New "Flying Sub" Sound boad.
Features Authentic continuously running Jet Engine sound.
It's time to complete that sub ;)

flying-sub engine Sound.

Build Services

Steve Carricato offers Professional build services for many types
of models besides scifi, and also has a selection of unassembled resin models
for sale.
Please visit this page to see many of his commission builds.
Updated 12-27-19-17

Visit Steve's Webstore for more Resin kits.

Robby Build Service. Israel Rosario Robby the Robot Custom Build Service.
Have a custom 12", 16" or 24" Masudaya Robby the Robot customized for you.

Updated: 2-11-18
Israel now offers our Robby chest flipping switches light effect.
See video on his page.

Israel also customizes the 16" Masudaya B9 LIS Robot using our B9 2.0 Life Force unit.

Model builder Danny Attree from the UK offers many awesome builds from automobiles to scifi. Check out his gallery.
The Diorama build displayed Below can be seen at the links below. See the photos and video :)
Forum Pg1.    forum P2.   Added 1-31-19

Robby Build Service.

No Soldering! Plug-N-Play
Works with the Seamless Bubble :) See Here.

B9 2.0 Unit Exciting B9 2.0 kit featuring everything a LIS Fan could want. All LED kit plugs right into the Moebius 1/6 B9 chest.

All LED board that easily plugs right into the chest. Also provides presoldered 0402 LEDs soldered to board for the Bubble. Users can add an optional Mechanical backgroud sound board, optional RC voice activation, and also the capability to add your own phrases if you want to.

New option added 3/1/2020 for 110v 4.5v wall adapter.

What's New In the Gallery?

Steve Carricato
STAR TREK episode "The Way to Eden "
Aurora Cruiser Kit now in stock!
Price $49.95 + shipping :)
See completed build.

Steve Carricato's Commission build
of the Klingon D7 under attack by a Tholian
completed. Build features lights and sounds,
See New photos and videos. AWESOME:)

Steve Carricato's Tos Baltar RaiderCompleted :)
Featuring custom lights and sounds.
More photos and AWESOME Video on facebook page.
What a Beauty :)
Added 7-17-20

Here are just a few Popular Products you will find by Navigating the buttons on our Left Banner.

  New 2/2018!! Introducing our Amazing New Life Force light and sound kit for the Pegasus model #9006 "War of the Worlds" Tripods ATACK diorama. The menacing Tripods set the city on fire with amazing lights and sounds!! We bring the Box Art to Life!! Check out the Video and Photos. :)

KBOP.   New 3/2017!! Added 3-3-2017 We've updated our Klingon Bird of Prey with Disruptors and optional engine sounds, The KBOP 2.0 Light and sound kit. See the My KBOP photos and video!!

cylon raider.
  New 10/2017!! Introducing our New Plug-N-Play version. Our popular kit, with the same great effects, is now available in plug-n-play so you don't have to solder.

Tos Viper
We have awesome, Life like effects for the 1/32 Moebius
and Monogram TOS Viper that will compliment your TOS Raider.
Amazing engine launch sounds as well as steady
engine sounds, laser blast lights and sounds, blown panel
shorting effect, and cockpit lighting.
Check out all the photos and Videos :)

WOTW The "WOTW War Machine Life Force Kit" for the Pegasus 1/48 or 1/35 scale model.
This kit really Packs a WALLOP of effects:)
Click image.
Our detailed instructions will show you how to eliminate the forward LED hot spots.

Folks, HDA ModelWorx is your place for Custom Bases, Plaques, LEDs,
Power Supplies, Decals, Masks and More.

Most of our lighting kits can be used in smaller scale
models using Fiber optics or tiny pre-wired smd LEDs
found here: HDA ModelWorx
All electronics circuits can be installed in your base.

Most models that you purchase do not come ready to install lighting kits. Modifications and some scratch building of parts may be required to install any type of lighting kit.

Polar Lights model in video below. We also have amazing kits for the Masudaya 16" and 24". Click here for kit.

Model Builders


Modeler Magic.com

The MountainGnome.com

This is our sister site for Black Powder Enthusiasts, providing lots of information.
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